When You Are In Your Power As A Leader, You Raise Everyone Around You.

As a leader, you want to inspire and achieve outsized results, but many go through the day like a Thermometer, where other people act and you only ‘react’. Learn to be the Thermostat, where YOU set the tone and bring other people along to your vision. Dr. Sharon Melnick will coach you to respond with intention not react with emotion, so you show up as the leader you want to be in the moments that matter.

Dr Sharon Melnic

Leadership is an Inside Job. When in your power:

You know how to Respond not React, being the calm steady force for those around you.

You see win-win solutions that were previously not available to you.

You know how to get resistant people to engage in solving joint problems.

You have mental space and emotional energy for forward progress and those you love.

You have renewable energy, instead of burning out when faced with immovable situations.

In sum, instead of reacting to the limitations of other people, raise yourself and others to be limitless.

Meet Dr. Sharon

Meet Dr. Melnick

  • Best-selling Author three times
  • Selected as a Marshall Goldsmith 100 Top Coach
  • Global Authority on Advancement, Leadership, Resilience, and Power
  • Informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School
  • 20 years as a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Corporate Trainer
  • Keynote and Workshop Speaker at conferences worldwide (including the White House, West Point,  and the United Nations)
  • CEO of Horizon Point Inc., a global coaching and training firm.
  • Trained and Coached over 40,000 people at over Fortune 500, start-up, and equity-owned companies
  • Host of the Power Shift podcast
  • LeadersHum Power List 2023: 200 Biggest Voices in Leadership 
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“I’ll show you how to turn your sense that things are happening to you into the experience that you are making things happen…”

Organizations I have worked with over the last 20 years include:

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Executive and Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Online Programs

Be in your power. Get promoted. Get heard. Make a difference.


Executive and Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Online Programs

Be in your power. Get promoted. Get heard. Make a difference.


“Dr. Melnick is a transformational speaker who gives the audience something they can score a win with right away, AND people are still talking about what they learned from her at your next year’s conference. She is brilliant, and she rocked it on my stage.”

JJ Virgin
JJ Virgin, Multiple NYT Bestselling Author, and Founder, Mindshare Summit
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Let’s Talk!

Are you ready to make a bigger difference with less effort? Do you want to be treated with respect and be a role model for those around you? Dr. Melnick will help you be ‘in your power’ and ‘use your power’ to make a better culture. Your path to becoming a next level leader and Change Agent begins here, contact Dr. Melnick today.

Dr. Melnick’s best selling books

Success Under Stress
Confidence When It Counts