Are you a smart, talented woman leader who wants to make an even bigger impact? 

Are you underutilized?  Not getting the recognition or greater responsibilities you seek…

Do you feel you aren’t heard? Not having the buy-in you need to make the impact you want

Do you want to have more presence, and more confidence to have the influence you seek?  (Especially with senior leaders in an environment of “politics”…)

If you are a mid-career or senior woman leader and you want to know what it will take to ‘get out of your own way’ and get OTHERS out of your way too, then “Welcome”. Lets’ talk.  I can give you a road map to create your next level opportunity.

A little about me: I’m Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. – Harvard-trained business psychologist, expert in women’s Confidence and Stress resilience, and global authority on women’s leadership.

Its your time! And I am here to help you be effective, and accelerate the career success and quality of life you want.

Here are the 3 ways I can help you:


1. Individual Executive Coaching


2. Speeches and presentations for your Group or Organization.

Our most popular presentation/trainings are:

Success under Stress
Resilience during Change
From “Pigeon Holed” to Promoted
Confident Leadership for Women

Speeches and presentations on Success under Stress, Resilience during Change,  or Next Level Leadership for Women.  I give 50-70 speeches/trainings a year around the world for women’s leadership networks,  team off-sites, professional development offerings, or conference keynotes/workshops.  You and your colleagues can learn these award-winning skillsets to be more effective, focused, and productive when the pressure’s on.  Presentations are offered in-person, or via webinar/webcast. These skillsets are based on my acclaimed book Success under Stress and best-seller Confidence when it Counts.  (for Speaking inquiries, use the contact page on this website)

3. Next Level Leadership virtual coaching program 

For mid-career professionals.  I have a strong track record getting high potentials promoted and supporting senior leaders to remove derailers for greater leadership impact. I offer individual coaching or virtual group coaching in the Confident Influential Leader coaching program for women.  For individual coaching, contact me at