5 Ways to Remember to Show up at your Horizon Point

Want to feel you have more control over your day? Shift out of Reactive mode and be more Intentional.

Your “Horizon Point” is a reminder of the idea that YOU can control who you show up as.

Who you show up as determines how others experience you. It determines the influence and impact you will have. It will determine your Confident presence.

Plus, it’s not ‘what you experience’ but ‘how you experience it’ that determines your quality of life.  Your Horizon Point determines the quality of your experience of your day.

You want your Horizon Point to become the Purpose of your day at work (Yes you can have a separate one for your personal life, or maybe it spans all areas of your life).

Start to filter every decision through the criteria of which choice will help you show up at your Horizon Point, or not.  Allow your Horizon Point to help you determine what work to focus on.

Here are 5 ways to remember to show up at your Horizon Point during busy days: 
  1. Put a picture on your phone that reminds you who you want to be (when I lead team trainings on the Success under Stress skillset, I have team members create a collage/visual that you can then post in your office area as a reminder and as a conversation starter)
  2. Put a Post it on your computer with your Horizon Point moniker (or on your Notebook or Laptop)  (I’ve had people in my trainings make a screenshot of their Horizon Point as well)
  3. Have an Accountability partner who you check in with.  You may tell your team members or a close colleague on your team so they can help you stay accountable to showing up at your Horizon Point
  4. Do a 1 minute visualization of who you want to be before you start your day – this will set a clear intention for your day.  You can do a mini in real time ‘upload’ of your Horizon Point – i.e., take 5-10 seconds to ‘become her’ before you walk into important meetings, before you pick up the phone for a sales call, etc.  You can also upload your personal life Horizon Point in your transition on the way home.
  5. Use your phrase to create your reputation.  Your Horizon Point is likely relevant to the perception you want to create in the minds of decision makers and clients.  You can use your phrase when talking with others about the impact you want to make or to describe your value to the organization (e.g., if you are interviewing for a next role you can say “the strengths I want to bring to this role are as a “strategic influencer”…)

By showing up at your Horizon Point, you can take more control over your day, over your reputation, and over your results.  It will reduce your stress and give you Confidence.  It’s a perfect way to Be Impeccable for your 50%!

Do you and your team face too much to do and it feels you are just trying to survive the day?  Would it help to have a toolkit that will give you focus when you need it but calm when you want it,  give you 1 more hour/day of uninterrupted time to think, and enable you to stay calm and not react to daily challenges?  Find out more about our Success under Stress, Resilience during Change, and Friction Free Relationships programs or email me at sharon@sharonmelnick.com

If the tools I shared helped you to recognize a challenge you are facing or sparked an intention to pursue your next level, feel free to reach out to me directly for a complimentary consultation at sharon@sharonmelnick.com.   

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