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Blog Articles

The Power Shift Podcast – The Power of Alignment with Shahana Banerjee

Sharon: My guest today is Shahana Banerjee. She is the founder of Just Human, Not Resources. She’s an inclusive leadership expert, business leadership and career coach and an avid writer. She’s got 23 years of experience across business contexts. Whether business transformation, accelerated growth startups across the pharma, medical devices, consumer products, and tech industries. […]

The Power Shift Podcast – The Power of Creatives in Tech with Julie Bonner

Dr. Sharon Melnick Julie Bonner is the Marketing Director for FreeFall Aerospace, which develops intelligent antenna systems for space and 5G. She’s currently active as the Co-Chair of the Arizona Technology Council’s Women in the Workforce. She’s also a fine artist and helps organize Creative Mornings Tucson. Julie Bonner, welcome to the Power Shift Podcast. […]

The Power Shift Podcast – Transforming Power Within Authority with Ron Carucci

Sharon: My guest today is Ron Carucci, co-founder and managing partner of Navalent. Ron has a 30-year track record of helping organizations adopt strategies that lead to accelerated growth and designing programs to execute those strategies. He’s a two-time TED speaker, the best-selling author of eight books, including the recent Amazon number one, Rising To […]