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Want to have more Resilience?

Many of you were affected – either directly or indirectly – by the strength of Hurricane Sandy’s force as it whipped through the Northeast last week.  You gritted your teeth and endured through the inconveniences, while appreciating the blessings you do have.  There was a lot of talk about resilience: the ability to bounce back […]

4 Solutions to Deal with Work Overload

If you are piled on with work, it’s likely that you could benefit from more clarity in 3 areas. 1) Not clear about your ‘business model’ You probably know what the ‘outcome’ is that you want, but you may not be clear about the strategies to get there.  In other words, the person who is […]

Reduce Stress in Any Situation

There are always 3 strategies you can use to tackle any stressful situation: Problem  <–> Perception  <–>Physiology Usually you might only think about trying to “change the problem”, and if you can’t do that then you might think you have to just put up with it.   This framework shows you that there is a lot […]