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So You Think You Want Power?

What is the one thing that everyone really wants, but most people say they don’t want it? What is the force that seems to be externally controlled, but it is really internal? Power I know. It is complicated.   Let me make the distinction between being “in your power” and being “in power.”  Many people tell me they don’t want […]

How To Get Back your Power

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like someone was devaluing you, excluding you, or not giving you what you’ve asked for? Your mind is in a swirl, you can’t stop thinking about it. You burn inside feeling bad about yourself, and livid at the other person. When you feel powerless and […]

Do you want self promotion to feel more authentic?

This week I got a call from a leader at one of the big airlines that I fly on regularly.  I wanted to talk with her about making sure I don’t fly on one of the aircraft that’s been having software troubles(!) but what she called to talk about is: “I’ve had all these accomplishments […]

How to Love Yourself the Right Way on Valentine’s Day

As a break from all the Valentine’s Day commercials, did you ever stop to think that how you love yourself is determining the quality of the love you have with other people? The relationship you make with yourself is the longest relationship you’ll have in your whole life. It’s the relationship that will carry you […]

5 Ways to Remember to Show up at your Horizon Point

Want to feel you have more control over your day? Shift out of Reactive mode and be more Intentional. Your “Horizon Point” is a reminder of the idea that YOU can control who you show up as. Who you show up as determines how others experience you. It determines the influence and impact you will […]