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How to deal with emotions from the #MeToo campaign

#MeToo is revealing the true number of people – women and men – who have faced experiences ranging from inappropriate indignities and abuses of power, to outright sexual violence. These viral stories are everywhere and may remind you of incidents in your past you might have tried to bury. Hearing others stories and sharing your […]

How To Deal with Change You Didn’t Want

Some of us are feeling enthusiastic about the result of the U.S. election, others of us are deeply disturbed about the road ahead. Many of us have to deal with change we didn’t want to happen – whether it’s a merger in your company,  a move to a new office space, a break up of […]

How perfectionism can help you not harm you

When I was interviewing someone to be my new assistant (so I can get out advice to you more often) she described herself as a ‘perfectionist’.  I noticed I had an interesting reaction… As ‘the boss’ and ‘her new client’, that was music to my ears.  I loved that I’d be able to count on her to […]