Individual Coaching

I am now calm and confident when interacting with people when I’m at work and when I’m out. I used to be tense worrying what other people were thinking, now I’m a whole lot better. Now I am more respected at work and I get a lot more done. Now I don’t have to suffer because I doubt myself – if I have done a good job I know it and feel it and I know the work is ready to be submitted. I’ve been wanting to start my own company, now that I have taken the program I am confident I can do it. I am going to the bank to get a loan. I am really happy I did this program.

Since learning your strategies I have been working feverishly and I have been really focused. For the first time in years I have contributed efforts that will benefit the knowledge base for everyone in the department. My boss keeps thanking me. I’ve been to the gym more times in the last 2 weeks than I’ve ever been. I’ve spent more time with my kids since than in years. I feel solid to the core. Its been life changing, really.” I got so much done in those three months that my boss said “Wow, I’m impressed”. I just got moved into a role I LOVE.


Capital One

I no longer agonize over every little thing that is said, or written in my emails. I just don’t care that much anymore about what other people think, but in a good way. All that worrying, what a waste! Its so liberating to not give a crap. Now I just put my effort into my own plans and behaviors to get where I want to go. I no longer tolerate people who want to intrude on my time. I flat out no longer focus on things that are a waste of time and I don’t fret over what I can’t control. I now get home from work an hour earlier than everyday last month, AND I just inked my biggest deal ever — in the midst of a serious financial crisis.

Investment Banker

A better, deeper, faster method than I’ve come across in 20 years of this work.…What you do is transformational versus incremental. Some coaches are like trainers. They will make sure you do your reps and help you make incremental gains. What you do is help people do what Tiger Woods did. He knew he couldn’t get his game to the next level by simply getting better at his current swing. So he went through a process to break his swing down and then rebuild it. His new swing fit him better and he played with greater ease and better scores. Your process is the same for being a leader – it makes you more authentic, more powerful, and more influential.


CEO Truman Company

The mental shift gave me a humongous leap forward in my career trajectory…I now make use of the credibility I’ve built with others. “I am who I am” and I’m finally ok with that!

Oracle Corporation

I shifted my whole belief system, from who I thought I was, all the negative, “not enough” thoughts to a clean slate. It was totally freeing, so much more than a typical career coaching. It was a construction project – we took down the roadblocks piece by piece to clear the way for me – to get this next career move that I’m wildly excited about, to improve the way I manage other people, and to grow my relationship leaps and bounds to the point of marriage. I learned so much about myself – this had a HUGE positive impact on my life.


VP, NurseFinders

An immediate noticeable turnaround in the client’s electiveness with colleagues.

Director of OD, Visiting Nurse’s Service, NY

I have been pulled aside for recognition by colleagues, and complimented by the President of my organization. I have been able to tee up a more meaningful role in my organization and the next stage of my career. I eliminated behaviors that would have hurt my professional advancement and now act consistent with my nomination to a position of greater leadership.

Her portfolio of techniques is very powerful; in fact, much more powerful than I had originally hoped. I was skeptical at the beginning when she said I could make changes quickly, after I had tried for so long to make improvements based on others’ techniques. What we discussed were things I had heard about and known intellectually, but Sharon was able to breakthrough to me emotionally. She helped me find and identify the internal “glass wall” that had been holding me back. Now I am confident and act with clarity and purpose.

Its been unbelievable and its been worth every penny; no, even much much more!

I built a new inner voice and made practical changes in my behavior. I used to take much more blame on myself, worry about what other people thought, and think that I wasn’t quite good enough. Now it’s a whole different picture: I started the most successful service line in our region. I developed a very influential position in the firm and have the most confidence I’ve ever had in my whole professional career!


Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

After two years with no significant deal activity, within 4 months I completed the largest deal in my firm’s history, and went from being told that my position in the firm was not secure, to being told by the Chairman that even without further activity this year my position in the firm is set for a few years.

It’s unbelievable how much progress I’ve made so quickly! I now deal with stress like water off a duck’s
back. This has been an incredible process of self-discovery, I am so happy with the career choice to start my own company and I would have never come to it if I hadn’t gone through this with you.”

A spectacular experience! You immediately grasp what is going on at a deeper level. You have an arsenal of painless, quick, and powerful strategies to get the person unstuck and feeling confident – to see the situation clearly and to be ” in their power”. It’s as dramatically effective as if the client is given Batman’s “utility belt” — clever, handy tools to respond to any conceivable challenge in a balanced, constructive way. Every single time we talk it’s extremely productive.


I’ve been busier than ever at work and focusing only on the important things. My business is already up 80% for the year. Things that would derail me for days and sometimes weeks now roll off my back in under an hour. Most importantly, I now have an indescribable faith in myself.

Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Brings a level of peace and confidence that changes the way you do business. People respect me more…people want to work with me. So much more comfortable place to be, I look forward to coming to work, it’s a lot of fun now. I let things roll off my back now…. I’ve earned a seat at the table.

I’ve felt a surge in energy and breakthroughs in my confidence. I’m much more engaged with people in both personal and professional environments. Sharon has helped me to effectively and positively deal with stress in all facets of my life. This was awesome!


CEO, Boston based Biotech company

I have turbo-charged my professional life. I let go of trying to get other people’s approval and now focus on what’s best for the organization. I contribute more and my self evaluation is positive not negative. Its like I was driving a clunky car that doesn’t turn well, and now I’ve stepped into Porsche; the performance is just superior.

Your process is life altering at the foundation, and the transformation happens fast. It shows how you’ve developed an adaptation to external circumstances that affects every area of your life. Then you get a chest of tools to move forward and be different. It makes you much more effective in your job, reduces your stress, and brings you happiness and satisfaction in your life. Your process cuts through the noise and clutter. It’s not a band-aid, everything has changed for me and the changes get better over time. The ROI is huge!

CTO, Sionex Corp.

I went from “good” to “great” – and fast! I’ve never been more streamlined. I’m doing the things I’ve set out to do. My pipeline is more robust than it has been in 14 years. My business is already up 40% this year. Now I can concentrate on the things I enjoy. I had a lot of faith in the things you said, and when I applied them, they absolutely worked. This hit the bullseye!

V.P., UBS Financial Services

Online Programs

Now I don’t worry what other people think and I make my own decisions. Before I would consult with different people instead of consulting with myself, just spin my wheels. Now I listen to myself more, know what I want. I really trust myself. Now I know I am enough, I can depend on myself and my spiritual connection to guide me, and really do what I feel authentically instead of doing things for other people. It’s profound!

You learn where your doubts come from and how you might be living on automatic pilot, then get clear on your path forward. Events used to dictate how things went for me, now I feel powerful and in charge of my own life. I now walk through the office with my chest out, having the confidence to know that I deserve being in my position. She’s helped me not continue behaviors of the past and to get to new circumstances, fast! What I got is positive, its actionable, and it works. This was a life changing experience.

A zillion books and courses purport to help you get out of your own way, very few really deliver, THIS ONE DOES! What is different from the thousands of others out there is you first learn to deconstruct the ways you arrived at how you do things now, so you can actually use the tools you learn to move forward in a positive way. If you don’t understand where your behaviors are coming from, tools you’ve learned probably won’t take hold.

Solo Entrepreneur

What you get is: “what do I do to get in my own way”, “why do I do that”, and “how can I do it differently everywhere in my life, immediately”. Sharon’s model is brilliant and her methods work every time.


My retainers have increased 5 fold, and I made more money in the last 7 days than in the last 5 months…After seeing myself in the pattern you described, I stopped putting everyone else’s interests ahead of mine and letting them steal my time. I said “No More” to people pleasing and selling myself short and not asking for retainers. Already I’ve freed up several hours a week in time, my retainers have increased 5 fold, and I made more money in the last 7 days than in the last 5 months. Even if I didn’t have the confidence at the beginning, the confidence is coming to me now. Whatever you said, it is working, I’ve never taken action like this in my life!!

Lawyer, Ottowa Canada

I produced so much in those three months, my boss said ‘I’m impressed!’…Now I am ready for more, and he’s ready to move me into the next position.



This program was hugely valuable! I am more productive and more relaxed, its easier for me to deal with everyone else as well as me to deal with myself! I am clear about exactly how to respond to stressful situations so I move through them faster. The result is I freed up 5 hours in my week. Fabulous. Sharon is so effective at laying out the issues in a way you hadn’t thought about before and then gives you hands-on solutions. Her approach is much more effective than other gurus who talk about similar issues.

Realtor, Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy

The procrastination I used to do is over. I no longer ruminate, reconsider, stew on things, and then do nothing. Now I make the call, get the meeting, present the idea, and watch my prospect light up to work with me. I’ve done lots of programs in my life, but not with this result. What Sharon does works! Like magic, I’m a different person. My world is now abundant and rich.


Commercial Real Estate

I used to wake up to many negative thoughts each day, now I wake up to...none. Because I don't do the negative spiral anymore, I'm so much more productive.

Independent Consultant

The BEST workshop I have ever participated in.

I learned that I do not have to get others approval in order to get from where I am to where I want to be. The direct path made a huge difference. I did a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, like write a book, become a public speaker - All of which has opened up a lot of client opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The success I’ve had is beyond what was even within my imagination at the time.


Lane Architecture

I didn’t realize how much of my energy was wasting time getting involved in other people’s situations, trying to make them approve of me, and maybe getting angry at them when really it wasn’t my problem to deal with them. Now I’m focusing what I need to do. I feel now that I am in better control of myself, and the increase in what I’ve been getting done in my week is INCREDIBLE. I stopped chatting with people, stopped surfing on the computer, stopped procrastinating, stopped questioning “can I do it?” – instead I went right to the job. The best thing is that already this weekend I got the outcome I wanted, a new client!

Prudential Douglas Elliman

Overcome self doubt, build rock solid confidence, and trust yourself: I used to wake in the morning to negative voices that would set up how my day would go. Now they are just not there.

Marketing Consultant

My whole way of being in the world is different - my energy level, my tone of voice, how I react to what other people are saying - or don't react. People are telling me they notice that I handle stress like water off a duck's back. When I have a thought from before, my awareness is so high now I don't think I could ever slip back.

Washington Mutual

I saved at least an hour a day by not dropping what I was doing to get involved in others’ stuff and then having to reset myself to come back to my own work. Now I’m not taking on problems that I don’t own, and when I do have to get involved with others’ problems, I can do so on my terms.The most valuable part of this program is that she gives you the understanding of not only WHAT you are doing, but WHY you are doing it. For things you are not conscious of, this program has been very insightful. Its been a ‘Wow’, eye-opening for me. Understanding why you are doing it ‘wrong’ goes a long way towards helping you to do it ‘right’, it has truly helped me to make that systemic change.

You did what even Tony Robbins couldn't do: You got my family member to stop doubting and believe in herself. Now she is incredibly busy in her business and life is good!

Saw an immediate difference in how I approach stressful situations at work. I move through things faster and more easily in my job and in my personal life. The degree of confidence I now feel is significant.


It makes it so much easier at work when you know exactly how to deal with people and how to not get upset over situations. I am so much more in control and I don’t have to spend any time worrying about how to talk to people about situations or replaying what I said and wondering if it was wrong. I am in control of my 50% and it’s great. The tools really worked, Everybody should take this workshop!


Visiting Nurses Service, NY

Well worth every penny I spent. The return was unbelievable!

Jeff Winick


Speaking and Training

I see a million of these kinds of presentations, and am a tough audience to crack. The practical tools you provided in a short period of time were unique, thought-provoking, action-packed, and immensely helpful. We definitely want you to do more training in our organization.

Prudential Douglas Elliman

The single best explanation I have ever heard for how people get in their own way and how they can move forward fast.


NY Women in TV and Film

Phenomenal! Sharon shared business-focused solutions combined with techniques to personally de-stress. I put them to use immediately to make a business challenge go smoothly!

General Mills

Nothing short of fantastic…And I’m a tough guy to impress.

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Sharon's presentation was an incredible experience, one of the best events we’ve had. The ideas hit home for me. Just like everyone else who is busier than ever, and has increasing pressures to face, Sharon's advice and tips were powerful as well as practical. We only heard positive feedback from our participants and would love to bring her back again next year.


American Society for Training and Development, NY Training Directors SIG Chair

She communicated very practical action items I can use with anyone, regardless of corporate status. She helped me identify a huge personal road block and tools to over come it. The message was applicable to professionals at any level. I loved this training, it was an excellent experience!

General Electric, Multicultural Women's Conference

I wouldn’t recommend this training if I didn’t think it was exceptional. A finely tuned, expertly crafted training on things you might “know” in your head about your approach at work, but haven’t been able to take into your life. She gave practical tools that are extremely effective for making changes in my perspective and performance. I still use them many months later.


VP, Speakeasy Communications Inc

Absolutely fantastic! Morale in our West Side office improved 180 degrees within weeks after that one talk you gave.


CEO, Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy

Sharon’s Strong under Stress workshop was AMAZING. Its amazing to me nobody ever told me this info before, basic info on how our nervous system works, how our brains work, how we mentally process stressful circumstances, etc. We learned super easy really short exercises that can give us an incredible control over our responses to stress, leave us calmer, more focused, and have our brains working better. Everybody should take this workshop.


Dr. Melnick's Strong Under Stress was life altering – like yoga for the mind. I have taken courses like this before but they never worked. She doesn't just teach unique methods for dealing with stress, she teaches the complex biological and medical foundations behind it. Understanding the why, made putting the how into practice that much more powerful. Her techniques work every time.


Dr. Sharon was a knowledgeable and fascinating guest with great on air presence. Listener feedback from her interview about confidence was, in a word, “RIVETING!

Host of “Stress Vs Success” radio show on VoiceAmerica Radio Network (www.voiceamerica.com)

One of the best speakers I have ever heard. Sharon is a gift.

Sharon's high-energy presentation was very well received by our audience, thanks in large part to her meticulous preparation and her obvious love for helping people excel. Our most common response to her presentation was some version of "Wow! I can use that information today - right now!" We were lucky - and delighted to have her provide real solutions to real business people who are trying to do more with less. I highly recommend her and her techniques to anyone and everyone trying to find concrete ways to drive personal change. Sharon is the best.


Executive Producer, Apartment Internet Marketing Conference

Your program was outstanding, It was full of very practical take-aways for me to apply on a daily basis. I really appreciated the refocus on being impeccable for my 50% and also revisiting what value I truly provide and am held accountable for. Everyone in our organization needs these skills.


Verizon Wireless

The strategies you shared on the webinar were really valuable, our office LOVED it! It has been so helpful for how to handle stress and approach people effectively. Of course, everyone is still using the breathing techniques.

Office of Communications and Marketing, Daniels College of Business | University of Denver

Wow, Sharon you gave us a truckload of practical, helpful tips on how instantly reduce our stress in the heat of a busy and often overloaded workday, and working with co-workers and bosses that may stress us out. I personally found your customized approach incredibly helpful with my specific challenge. I would encourage anyone who works in an office or has any amount of stress at home or at work to take a course with you!

Organizer – I.D.E.A.S (International Digital Executive Assistant Seminars)

I’ve been absolutely stunned by the results. I see immediate changes. Productivity, morale, and team performance are at all-time high levels. Her understanding of the human mind and behavior is remarkable. If you’re looking for a ‘silver bullet’ to help high-potential employees at all levels expand beyond their current success level to performance beyond belief, look no further.

V.P., Oracle Corp

Your workshop is fantastic and indescribable! Like going to the Mind Gym. You gave us practical tools to have a new perspective and a mindset that puts me at the top of my game. I finally understand why I do bad habits I've done my whole life, and now I just don't do them anymore.


ABIO Realty

Packed with useful information. Tools I learned dramatically reduced my stress and increased my productivity.


Wells Fargo

I loved your program on Monday night. I train speakers for a living and I have to say - You were everything I look for in a great presenter: engaging, passionate, energetic, funny and most importantly - right on target.


JAMWARE Communications

Wow! We received rave reviews about your presentation. This work is profoundly powerful yet readily accessible – the simplicity is just outstanding. You have translated deep psychology into concrete steps and actionable practices to achieve rapid transformational change with executive clients. I could hardly think of a client for whom these concepts wouldn’t be extremely valuable.

CEO, Executive Coaching Institute Chair, National Speakers Association Business Coaching Expert Group