Are you a senior leader who wants to have a bigger impact and be less drained by others?

For over 20 years, I’ve been the ‘go to’ “thought partner” for senior leaders looking to increase their impact while minimizing the “inner churn” of doubt, frustration, and busyness.

Coaching with me will help you be less reactive and more intentional, so you show up as the leader you want to be.
Executive Coaching for Leaders

Coaching Can Support You To:

  • Free yourself from concerns about ‘what other people will think’ and instead pour your energies into the legacy you want to make. Have sovereignty - YOU decide who you will show up as, its not determined by others
  • Be in your power with that difficult leader, peer, or team member instead of allowing them to push your buttons. Have new strategies to gain their cooperation and recoup all the energy you waste being aggravated by them.
  • Have x-ray vision into the mind of decision makers so you get their buy-in the first time you share your ideas. End your day feeling ‘heard’, and followed.
  • Respond not React in the heat of the moment. Prevent re-hashing situations the rest of the day. Feel proud that your responses bring a go-forward solution that benefits everyone.
  • Find calm and focus amongst the chaos. Have mental space to hold onto the “important thoughts.” Feel more in control, be more present and focused with your energy.
  • Hold space for the authentic conversations that move your organization beyond corporate scorecards to change in its DNA.
  • Overcome resistance to your strategic vision through an influencing campaign that moves the needle and turns adversaries into advocates.
  • Create your next level opportunity months or years ahead of your expectation.
  • Shift from second-guessing to self-trust; Make decisions without angst.
  • Raise the consciousness of all those around you, just by being who you are.
  • Find – dare I say it - a sense of delight in yourself and your everyday life.
Dr Melnick Standing in Between Tables

Are you Confident on the outside but question yourself on the inside?

The “Magic Bullet” exercise is a root cause solution where you reprogram your self doubts and emotional hijack reactions at their source. You’ll feel the freedom immediately and it lasts forever.

“All I can say is “Wow”. I’m now experiencing the most calm, peace, and confidence I’ve ever felt – I just don’t react in the same way. I’ve uplevelled – within weeks – and now new opportunities are flooding in.”
Jackie Frank

- Jackie Frank, SVP of Mortgage Lenders

What Do Other Senior Leaders Say

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Dr. Melnick and her team of multicultural coaches provide coaching and development to advance and retain mid-career female talent. Organizations also bring her in to advise business leaders how to support female talent and create cultures in which women thrive.

  • Create a pipeline of female talent ready to lead projects, lead teams, and lead change
  • The program includes an ROI assessment of the program so you can provide metrics on the goals of the program.
  • These programs include orientation for Managers and Sponsors of female talent to optimally support them.
Coaching and Development Organizations

What other corporate Decision Makers say

“Sharon’s coaching methodology aligns perfectly with Sodexo’s talent development strategies. Participants exceeded expectations as they gained confidence in their voices, created next level opportunities, and boldly displayed leadership impact. I highly recommend this turnkey solution as a way to develop a more diverse pipeline in any organization.”

Jodi Davidson

- Jodi Davidson Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion, Sodexo

“Truly inspirational and highly impactful to the organization. 100% of participants rated this as ‘recommended to others’”

- Cornelia Ecker Procter and Gamble, Women’s Leadership Network

“The HBA has been extremely pleased with our 3 year partnership with Dr. Sharon Melnick/Horizon Point Inc. The program delivers great value and has a measurable impact on the career advancement of our member participants.She has a unique ability to translate academic theories and research into coherent practical, and productive…coaching and professional development. Sharon is ebay to collaborate with and demonstrates amazing, endless passion for the betterment of our program participants. We hear enthusiastic feedback from the women whose careers are moving upward as a result.

Liz Coyle

- Liz Coyle EVP, Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association


Are you a mid-career professional who is smart but underutilized? Are you ready to create your next level opportunity in weeks not months or years (or never)?

Coaching Mid Career Talent to The Next Level

If you’re ready to reach your next level, we can work together to:

  • Get buy-in for promotion where you’ve been getting a non-response
  • Gain the confidence of senior decision-makers
  • Improve your Executive Presence
  • Turn any adversaries into advocates
  • Ask for a raise and more responsibility in a way that gets a ‘Yes’
  • Counteract gender and racial bias, so your talents are recognized and rewarded

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