Do you take things personally?

Do you take it personally when:

  • You don’t hear back from a person you’ve called?
  • Your boss recognizes your colleague’s success but not yours?
  • A family member criticizes you?
  • What is the impact to your productivity when you take it personally?

Does it put you in a bad mood and make you sulk? Do you waste time venting to a friend or surfing the ‘net? Do you lie in bed replaying the situation in your mind, wondering what you did wrong?

To reverse this trend you need to understand why you take things personally. It’s because of your self doubt. You question yourself: Am I enough, or Am I not enough? Is it my fault?

That causes you to seek ‘what other people think about you’ as the answer to your questions. You make it ‘all about you’.

Each time you take something personally you reinforce your self doubt. Each time you take something personally you act in a way you’ll regret.

The result is not only lost time and focus, but also credibility (which impacts your bottom line.)

Let me explain to you how to free yourself from taking things personally and show you how to get rid of your doubts.

Join me for “Confidence at the Core: 3 Steps to Own the Room, Know your Worth, and Ensure your Hard Work Leads to Success.”

You will learn:

  • Why you have tried for years to become more confident but still doubt yourself…and the exact toolkit you need for fast and lasting confidence
  • How to ‘own the room’ and get noticed for promotion
  • How to stop taking things personally and stop worrying if you will be criticized
  • How to make your hard work result in the success you want
  • How to clear your mind of mental chatter and get peace of mind

If you live in the NY metro area, click here to attend the presentation in-person.

If you live outside the NYC area, click here to attend the presentation by webinar.

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