In Your Power: How To Be Powerful In A World That Can Make You Feel Powerless

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  • Do you waste emotional energy on what other people expect and whether they approve of you?
  • Do you take things personally and regret and rehash situations the rest of the day?
  • Do you feel unseen or unheard in your relationships at work or in your personal life?
  • Do you know you’re made for more, but you can’t seem to make the impact you’re here for?

This is what it’s like when you’re not In Your Power.

When you’re not In Your Power, you show up as a diminished version of yourself.

It seems like the other person has all the control in how situations unfold. You get emotionally hijacked. You get into a mental swirl, blaming them and doubting yourself. And then you isolate yourself.

Whether it’s your Manager who doesn’t see your talents or give you credit. Or you can’t get your direct report to do it the way you need. Or other people in your field get the bigger fish clients and you go in the downward spiral comparing yourself. Or you aren’t getting the validation you ache for from the men or family members in your life…

Instead, what if YOU create the mental and emotional “weather” inside of you and around you?

  • You’re motivated by your inner voice rather than what everyone else wants to impose on you. You’re driven by your values, not what you’re trying to get other people to think of you.
  • You channel your energy toward matters you choose.
  • You are in your stride, operating without limits.
  • You set the tone of each interaction. You bring others along in your vision.

This is what it’s like to be In Your Power. When a woman is in her power, she raises everyone around her!

Learn to be In your Power from a Harvard Medical School trained Psychologist who’s taught 40,000 women around the world to own their worth and bring others along in their vision.

Register below for this webinar that will take place on February 11th, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST.

About the Facilitator

Sharon Melnick, PhD is a global authority on women’s leadership, power, and resilience who has been selected as a Marshall Goldsmith Top 100 Coach and nominee for the worldwide Thinkers50 2021 Coaching and Mentoring Award.

Her approaches are informed by 10 years of Psychology research at Harvard Medical School. She has coached/trained 40,000 women at over 50 Fortune 500 companies and countless smaller organizations and startups. Her presentations have created buzz at over 200 conferences worldwide (including presenting at the White House,  the United Nations, and Reykjavik Global Forum for women political leaders).

She is a sought after Executive Coach for women executives who are vision holders, and the Founder of the Next Level Leader virtual coaching program which has a 92% success rate at advancing and retaining high potential multicultural female talent.

She is the author of Success under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On, Confidence when it Counts: Rise Above Self Doubt and Bias to Make your Mark, and an e-book From Pigeon Holed to Promoted.

She is the host of the Power Shift podcast, which redefines power as a force for good.

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