Individual Coaching

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1. For Individuals: Revenue Rev-up for Service Professionals and Business Owners

You’ll learn why you don’t yet have the professional success and quality of life you thought you’d have after all these years of hard work.  Then we will take down each and every block to your rapid and effortless business growth.  Read More>>


2. For Individuals or turn around an underperformer: Quick Fix Transformation

Within 3 months, you will remove the blocks to accomplishing what you truly want, and free yourself to become the person you thought you’d be at this point in your life. Imagine that you no longer base your reactions and actions on worries about ‘what other people will think’.  No more taking things personally, no more seeking others’ approval, and no more living in fear of others judging you.  Instead,  you make the most effective use of your time and put your efforts into achieving your dream goals within weeks and months, instead of years (if at all.)  Instead you trust yourself and can get advice from within,  you are powerful with others and don’t get derailed by your interactions with them.  Read More>>


3. For Women Leaders: Confident, Balanced Woman Leader

You will dramatically increase your sense of control over your work and life. You will learn to manage the stresses and demands you face so you can have more ease and balance. How will you do this? Rather than building up stress over long working hours and then exhausting yourself, you will learn tools to clear away stresses and replenish energy throughout the day. You will have tools to deal with difficult or under performing people to reduce your aggravation, and you will have tools to influence colleagues and superiors so you will see progress from your efforts. Read More>>


4. Promotion Accelerator

We will work together to help you be more productive,  more effective with the time you have,  and more influential to impact the bottom line of your business.   Most clients are able to come home an hour earlier a day having accomplished their most valuable work, and are able to leave the stresses of work at the office.   Most clients get noticed by their boss within 3 months and are placed on an accelerated timeline for promotion.  Read More>>

Feedback from prior clients includes:

“A better, deeper, faster method than I’ve come across in 20 years of this work…What you do is transformational versus incremental. Some coaches are like trainers. They will make sure you do your reps and help you make incremental gains. What you do is help people do what Tiger Woods did. He knew he couldn’t get his game to the next level by simply getting better at his current swing. So he went through a process to break his swing down and then rebuild it. His new swing fit him better and he played with greater ease and better scores. Your process is the same for being a leader – it makes you more authentic, more powerful, and more influential.”
– Mark Bonchek, CEO Truman Company
“I’ve been busier than ever at work and focusing only on the important things. My business is already up 80% for the year. Things that would derail me for days and sometimes weeks now roll off my back in under an hour. Most importantly, I now have an indescribable faith in myself.”
– Craig L. Meadows, CLU, CLTC, ChFC Managing Director Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
“As a leader I became ‘more deliberate, more decisive, more effective, more constructive, and more self trusting.’ And I’ve been having more fun! Your process is life altering at the foundation, and the transformation happens fast. It shows how you’ve developed an adaptation to external circumstances that affects every area of your life. Then you get a chest of tools to move forward and be different. It makes you much more effective in your job, reduces your stress, and brings you happiness and satisfaction in your life. Your process cuts through the noise and clutter. It’s not a band-aid, everything has changed for me and the changes get better over time. The ROI is huge!”
– Ranaan Miller, Chief Technology Officer, Sionex
“It’s unbelievable how much progress I’ve made so quickly! I now deal with stress like water off a duck’s back. This has been an incredible process of self-discovery, I am so happy with the career choice to start my own company and I would have never come to it if I hadn’t gone through this with you.”
– Jim Bean
“A spectacular experience! You immediately grasp what is going on at a deeper level. You have an arsenal of painless, quick, and powerful strategies to get the person unstuck and feeling confident – to see the situation clearly and to be ” in their power”. It’s as dramatically effective as if the client is given Batman’s “utility belt” — clever, handy tools to respond to any conceivable challenge in a balanced, constructive way. Every single time we talk it’s extremely productive.”
– Judy M., Attorney
“I built a new inner voice and made practical changes in my behavior. I used to take much more blame on myself, worry about what other people thought, and think that I wasn’t quite good enough. Now it’s a whole different picture: I started the most successful service line in our region. I developed a very influential position in the firm and have the most confidence I’ve ever had in my whole professional career!”
– Karen V., Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
“I went from “good” to “great” – and fast! I’ve never been more streamlined. I’m doing the things I’ve set out to do. My pipeline is more robust than it has been in 14 years. My business is already up 40% this year. Now I can concentrate on the things I enjoy. I had a lot of faith in the things you said, and when I applied them, they absolutely worked. This hit the bullseye!”
– Peter Cleary, V.P., UBS Financial Services
“Since learning your strategies I have been working feverishly and I have been really focused. For the first time in years I have contributed efforts that will benefit the knowledge base for everyone in the department. My boss keeps thanking me. I’ve been to the gym more times in the last 2 weeks than I’ve ever been. I’ve spent more time with my kids since than in years. I feel solid to the core. Its been life changing, really. I got so much done in those three months that my boss said “Wow, I’m impressed”. I just got moved into a role I LOVE.”
– Beverly S., Capital One
“I shifted my whole belief system, from who I thought I was, all the negative, “not enough” thoughts to a clean slate. It was totally freeing, so much more than a typical career coaching. It was a construction project – we took down the roadblocks piece by piece to clear the way for me – to get this next career move that I’m wildly excited about, to improve the way I manage other people, and to grow my relationship leaps and bounds to the point of marriage. I learned so much about myself – this had a HUGE positive impact on my life.”
– Beth R., VP, NurseFinders
“The mental shift gave me a humongous leap forward in my career trajectory…I now make use of the credibility I’ve built with others. “I am who I am” and I’m finally ok with that!”
– Orla N, Oracle Corporation
“I no longer agonize over every little thing that is said, or written in my emails. I just don’t care that much anymore about what other people think, but in a good way. All that worrying, what a waste! Its so liberating to not give a crap. Now I just put my effort into my own plans and behaviors to get where I want to go. I no longer tolerate people who want to intrude on my time. I flat out no longer focus on things that are a waste of time and I don’t fret over what I can’t control. I now get home from work an hour earlier than everyday last month, AND I just inked my biggest deal ever — in the midst of a serious financial crisis.”
– Paul David, Investment Banker
“An immediate noticeable turnaround in the client’s electiveness with colleagues.”
– Cindy Morgan, Director of OD, Visiting Nurse’s Service, NY
“Sharon’s successes with my managing director are the benchmark by which we now measure the effectiveness of coaching.”
– ER, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
“Brings a level of peace and confidence that changes the way you do business. People respect me more…people want to work with me. So much more comfortable place to be, I look forward to coming to work, it’s a lot of fun now. I let things roll off my back now…. I’ve earned a seat at the table.”
– Pamela Naples
“After two years with no significant deal activity, within 4 months I completed the largest deal in my firm’s history, and went from being told that my position in the firm was not secure, to being told by the Chairman that even without further activity this year my position in the firm is set for a few years.”
– Partner, Private equity firm
“I built a new inner voice and made practical changes in my behavior. I used to take much more blame on myself, worry about what other people thought, and think that I wasn’t quite good enough. Now it’s a whole different picture: I started the most successful service line in our region. I developed a very influential position in the firm and have the most confidence I’ve ever had in my whole professional career!”
– Karen V., Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
“I’ve felt a surge in energy and breakthroughs in my confidence. I’m much more engaged with people in both personal and professional environments. Sharon has helped me to effectively and positively deal with stress in all facets of my life. This was awesome!”
– M.G.,CEO, Boston based Biotech company