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Chapter 3:

Audio Training to Turn 60,000 thoughts from Stressed or Negative to Focused and Positive

Chapter 4:

In this brief audio, I count out the Mental Reset (3 part breath) so you can listen to it and get the calm and focus of a 90 minute yoga class in 3 minutes or less. Click here to download.

Videos of the “Get Back to Sleep Breath” coming soon, check back for updates

Chapter 5:

Resources coming soon, check back for updates.

Chapter 6:

In this webinar, I go into greater depth about how you can stop doing Indirect Path behaviors and start to Go Direct!  You will be able to switch from approval-seeking to accomplished,  from self-critical to self confident, and from personalizing to powerful.

To learn the full, guaranteed skillset to go from being a “Confidence Seeker” to a “Confident Contributor”, learn more at

Chapter 7:

Videos will be posted soon, check back for updates.

Chapter 8:

Resources will be posted soon, check back for updates.

Chapter 9:

Here is the “Stories Log” you can use yourself to stop your stress-based shorthand stories and instead tell alternative stories.  This tool will help you stay rational and not react when you are dealing with people who drive you nuts. Click here to download.

Chapter 10:

Videos on How to Deal with Anger coming soon, check back for updates.


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Confidence When It Counts Resources

Stories Log

Click here to download