Are you ready to stop procrastinating?

A lot of times when you procrastinate you end up thinking that you are “lazy”.  It not true (well, at least not most of the time 😉  But you do have to know the real reason in order to stop it.

I have identified 7 types of procrastinators.  The type you are will determine what the solution is for you to easily stop procrastinating.

For example,  Are you the type that procrastinates because you are worried about what will happen if you finished the item you are putting off and sent it out to people? You might think that it won’t be received well,  like maybe you will reveal that you aren’t as smart as other people thought you were,  or it maybe will land like a lead balloon and get no response.   The easiest way to figure that if this is a reason you procrastinate is to finish the sentence you already have in your head:  “Once I send this out to other people,  what if ___________?”

Or are you the type that worries that the task itself will be unpleasant so you are not motivated to get started? If you have a sense of dread about work you need to do,  you have a specific idea in your mind about what makes it so unpleasant.    Is it that you will be bored,  will it be too hard and complex,  is it outside of your skillset, do you resent the person who assigned it to you?

Or are you the type that is motivated by a big picture vision but you just can’t get over the hump of getting started? You would know this by asking yourself the question: “What is my first step?”  If you don’t have an answer, that’s why you are avoiding getting started.

As you can tell,  procrastination is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. You have to know which of the 7 types of procrastinators you are because there are proven solutions for each one.  If you have tried to stop procrastinating before but its never worked,  its probably because you were using generic advice like start with the hardest task in the morning’, but it didn’t matches your type.

Join me for a complimentary conference call Productivity for Profit or Promotion:  5 Strategies to Accomplish your Goals, Make More Money, and Enjoy an Hour More with your Family Each Day, in which I will help you figure out which of the 7 types you are,  and give you handfuls of other strategies you can use to finish the work that puts money in your pocket.

Here is what else you will get by being on the call:

1) The #1 thing you need to control your day and make each day your  “most productive” one everyday (and accomplish all of it while consistently leaving your office an  hour earlier)

2) The solution that is right for your Procrastination Type, so you can count on yourself even if you don’t feel like
getting things done (this approach works best for people who have tried unsuccessfully to stop procrastinating)

3) The 3 step process to prevent other people’s urgent demands from making your day get away from you

4)  The fastest way to develop the confidence that will get people you network with to want to do business with you, or get your boss to want to promote you (like it has for every one of my clients)

5) The most critical mindset shift you need to  make before attempting to manage your time effectively. Don’t even bother with trying to get more done each day if you’re not willing to do  this!

Register here .   It will take less than 10 seconds to register, so if you want to learn to stop procrastinating, then don’t put it off!

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