Executive Coaching

Horizon Point Inc. combines ‘best practices’ executive coaching and talent development approaches with behavior change methods developed by Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. in 10 years of psychology research at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Melnick coaches high-potential employees to successful senior leadership, by removing career derailers and building skills for effectiveness, execution and influence.  In all coaching assignments, significant behavior change is already noticed within one to three meetings, and maintains for the long-term.

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Strong track record of Executive Coaching

High-potentials preparing for greater leadership responsibilities:

  • Build “executive presence” and solidify confidence
  • Expand influence with senior management and peers
  • Take “ownership” of their function by getting ‘out of the weeds’ and thinking strategically
  • Solve business problems at root causes


  • Executive is fast-tracked to greater responsibility and promotion;
  • Innovates new service lines or processes
  • Becomes a leader of cross-functional peers

Hard-driving, results-oriented women leaders ready to improve interpersonal collaboration:

  • Improve communication and effectiveness
  • Sharpen listening skills and use an ‘edit’ button
  • Display more flexibility and openness
  • Be less reactive, take emotionality out of situations
  • Influence and motivate others to higher standards
  • Bring others along into their thinking and vision
  • Become a trusted team player and cross-functional leader


  • Individual creates a positive team culture and high morale
  • Strong team member participation
  • Effective cross-functional team collaboration