“Everything I hoped for and more in a speaker…Engaging, informative, fun, interactive, and inspiring. She held the complete attention of everyone in attendance and using science helped to get buy-in from a room full of skeptical senior leaders, engineers, and lawyers. Everyone LOVED her. I feel like I won the speaker lottery.”
Patty McHugh

– Patty McHugh, CEO McHugh Construction

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Popular 2022 Topics Include:


    How to Be in Your Power and Use it to Be a Change Agent in This World


    Speak Up, Take Risks, Communicate Powerfully


    Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive When the Pressure is On


    A Proven Roadmap to Achieve Your Next Level


    Increase Engagement, Seize Opportunities, and Deliver Value

Women and Power

Stop ‘the Mental Swirl’: How to Get Out of Your Own Head and Step Into Your Power

Do you want to take ownership of your power?

As you go through your day achieving goals, situations don’t go as expected. People disappoint, dismiss, or don’t value you. It’s dis-empowering – and you start to feel you don’t have control. Then you’re in the mental swirl – deflated when not heard or excluded, spinning whether to stay or leave, giving your all but guilty you’re not enough, grateful but resentful, doubting yourself.

Harvard-trained business psychologist Sharon Melnick PhD will help you define what it means to be ‘in your power’ – aligned, calm, confident…and influential She’ll show you how to channel the energies you are wasting into making the impact you are here for – without changing who you are or sacrificing your values.

Women and Power

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Instantly gain control, feel heard, and get the results you want in any meeting
  • Stay poised and avoid getting hijacked by your emotions if you ever feel frustrated, disrespected, or intimidated
  • Have plenty ‘left over’ for the people and activities that are most important to you (all this by repeating one simple phrase to yourself in times of overwhelm)
  • Serve as a role model and lift up others in your company, family, and community
  • Know how to use the power you already have in order to effect change in your company culture or community.

…Because when a woman is in her power, she raises everyone around her!

Sharon was just brilliant! She led a group of women leaders through a discussion on how to find/regain/amplify our power and presence to ensure we are being seen, heard and achieving our intended impact. Her content was completely actionable and if applied could be game changing to help elevate our resilience, confidence, and influence. Additionally, how Sharon facilitated the session virtually was so engaging and fun – cameras were on and people were dialoguing. Awesome experience!

– Brenna Turner, Genentech

“I first saw Sharon speak on women coming into their power at the (virtual) annual conference for Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA). She was so fantastic and dynamic that the room was alight with questions and dialogue and lots of engagement and enthusiasm in the chatroom. I found her so insightful that I reached out to ask her to join us for another presentation. She gave a powerful talk, including engaging Q&A with attendees. Everyone left inspired! I can’t recommend Sharon highly enough as a speaker on the topic of leadership development for women.”

– Loddie Foose, PhD, Seqirus
From Pigeon Holed to Promoted!

From Pigeon Holed to Promoted!

A Proven Roadmap to Achieve Your Next Level

Are you smart and get glowing performance reviews — but feel stuck?

Do you want to have more impact, more say in the organization, and work on more interesting and strategic projects?

In this program, top-rated speaker Dr. Sharon Melnick will guide you through creating a personal strategic roadmap to get to your next level.

Practical takeaways include strategies how to:

  • Shift the perception of you from ‘great at what you do now’ to ‘ready now’ for the next level
  • Gain the confidence of senior leaders
  • Increase your influence: Get a “Yes” when you ask for more responsibility or a new role
  • Create visibility and effortless buy-in from stakeholders
  • Authentically self-promote in an in-person and virtual world to become more visible and trusted by senior decision-makers
  • Identify and ask for a Sponsor
  • Counteract the five most common types of gender and racial biases

“Everything you said deeply resonated – both on a personal level as well as professionally. You gave us practical strategies we could use right away to get to our next level. I’m going to go into the office tomorrow and apply the roadmap you gave us to get the role I want. This is exactly what I needed.”

– Nermis Rosario, AIG

Dr. Melnick is a unique and special voice for the advancement of women.Wow, Outstanding! Her presentation combined practical takeaways with insightful strategy and deep personal meaning in a short period of time. Dr. Melnick is a unique and special voice for the advancement of women.”

Joy Fitzgerald

– Joy Fitzgerald, Chief Diversity Officer, Eli Lilly

Success Under Stress

Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, Productive…and Avoiding Burnout

We are under constant tyranny by our ‘to do’ lists, distracted hundreds of times a day, and reacting to people in our environment. This constant intrusion creates a cycle of stress that leaves us too wound up and too on edge to relax, restore, and be ready for what awaits us each day.

What can you do to help your people stay calm, focused, and productive? How can you break the cycle and help them to feel more in control and less reactive?

The answer is not about stress management. It’s about ‘self-management.’

Success Under Stress

From this interactive program, Dr. Sharon Melnick gives attendees get an actionable toolkit to improve performance:

  • Maintain a steady focus all day with up to 30% more energy at 5 pm
  • Get back to sleep within 3 minutes when awoken at 2 am
  • Shift with agility between tactical work and strategic thinking
  • Get 1 hour/day more uninterrupted time to think and coach others (rather than days filled with multi-tasking, fire drills, and ad hoc requests)
  • Improve work/life balance by being ‘present’ at home and work
  • Stay poised and experience instantly calm following frustration for fact-based decision-making

“Engaging, invigorating, Truly a fresh look at everyday challenges. “Our team gave rave reviews on how her material has been helpful in immediate and practical ways. Her energy is contagious. Most highly recommended”.

– Nora Cashion, Director Of Market Research, Merck- Nora Cashion, Merck

“Your training was rated the Most Valuable part of our Women in Leadership program.”

Charlotte Hawthorne

– Charlotte Hawthorne, Learning And Development, Eli Lilly

“She’s a rock star. We were riveted and left with a practical toolkit of things we could use that day.”

Dr. Christy Lemak

– Dr. Christy Lemak, University of Alabama School of Medicine
Resilience During Change

Resilience During Change

Increase Engagement, Seize Opportunities, and Deliver Value

Your organization has gone through a series of changes. Now each person does the work of three. Projects are delayed, and people are not accountable. Morale is low. Even high performers have ‘change-fatigue.’

How can you ensure they stay resilient and accountable rather than resistant? By turning obstacles into opportunity.

Dr. Sharon Melnkck delivers a process to keep your teams highly engaged and your high-performs committed in this powerful program.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Stay motivated, positive, and calm despite setbacks or uncertain future
  • Adapt quickly to change and upskill; display an opportunity-seeking, “growth” mindset
  • Re-energize and regain passion for their work
  • Apply 2-minute toolkits that increase engagement up to 30% in 21 days
  • Act with intention as the contributor they want to be despite not having control

“Buzz from your Resilience keynote was overwhelmingly positive. I still get thank you notes from senior leaders using the tools. And your Train-the-Trainer was a dream come true for me, it is among our most popular internal programs.”

Jodi Davidson

– Jodi Davidson,Director, Diversity And Inclusion, Sodexo

Imposter Syndrome 2.0: Rise Above Self-Doubt and Gender Conditioning for Next Level Impact

Speak Up, Take Risks, Communicate Powerfully

Why we know we should believe in ourselves but we don’t

Participants can expect to consistently:

  • Speak up with senior leaders – not get intimidated, hesitate, or second guess
  • Take risks for next level opportunities – both “Ask” for them and say “Yes” when asked
  • Have a strong point of view without ‘coming on too strong’
  • Advocate on one’s behalf without relying on approval
  • Overcome gender bias, regain confidence eroded by bias, act ‘counter bias’
  • Lift up from perfectionistic focus on detail to act as a strategic leader
  • Communicate with confidence even without knowing all the answers
Confidence When it Counts

Truly inspirational and highly impactful to the organization. Other trainings give encouragement or theories, but don’t actually build confidence. Sharon’s content “sticks”, we apply it consistently. Now we drive change, ask for resources, give feedback up and down the organization, feel strong to push back when appropriate, say “Yes”, and influence for win-win. Both times, 100% of the participants rated it as ‘recommended to others’. It enabled me to manage several highly challenging situations successfully. We are forever grateful we did this training”.

– Cornelia Ecker,
Women’s Leadership Network, Procter and Gamble

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