The Secret Sauce: Three Power Portals That Transform Leaders Into Legends

Legendary leaders are forged in the fire of difficult times – the times we find ourselves in today. This is your moment. When the world feels chaotic, you can be the calm, steady force that unlocks strategic breakthroughs and transformational results in yourself and others. Dr. Sharon Melnick reveals the ingredients in the ‘secret sauce’ that makes these outcomes both possible and probable.

Distilled from a decade of research at Harvard Medical School and over two decades coaching high-achieving executives, Dr. Melnick knows what separates legendary leaders from the rest of the pack. She will share how you can activate 3 “Power Portals” – provocative new abilities that give leaders self-mastery and guide them to transform brick wall personalities and intractable situations into win-win solutions.

Join us to learn:

  • Techniques to be strategic, not reactive in the ‘heat of the moment’
  • Influencing strategies that inspire adversaries to become advocates and turn resistance into willing cooperation
  • Momentary shifts in your presence that elevate the effectiveness of everyone around you
  • Fresh perspectives that access breakthrough solutions to friction within or across teams
  • Science-backed guidance to ‘burnout-proof’ your life and handle the challenges you might otherwise carry home with you after work

You’ll gain a powerful leader’s toolkit, insights to enhance the quality of your leadership, and shape your legacy as a legend in the making. You’ll shift your sense that things are happening to you into the experience that you are making things happen. You’ll emerge from this energizing, practical, content-rich session able to achieve an electrifyingly positive ripple effect in every area of your life.

Who needs this session:


  • Leaders seeking to make a greater impact in their organizations with less effort
  • High-potential executives in line for greater visibility in the organization
  • Leaders struggling with internal stress and team dynamics that undermine productivity
  • Exhausted executives wondering ‘Should I stay? Or should I go?’
  • Those seeking a lasting competitive advantage in building their careers as leaders

“Everything I hoped for and more in a speaker…Engaging, informative, thought-provoking, fun, and inspiring. She held the complete attention of everyone in attendance and used science to get buy-in from a room full of skeptical leaders. Everyone LOVED her.
I feel like I won the speaker lottery.”

– Patty McHugh, CEO McHugh Construction

“Her session got the highest score among all the sessions of the Leadership Summit. She helped us engage and refuel and give forward direction to our leaders who have worked so hard and gone through so much change!”

– Funda Kalemci, Global Director of DEI, NielsenIQ

For Women’s Audiences

In your Power


React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others

Participants can expect to consistently:


  • Be intentional so you respond not react
  • Recover quickly from emotional reactions so you preserve mental well-being and stay connected to the mission you are there to achieve
  • Neutralize the negative effects of others on you
  • Trust yourself so you don’t second-guess or give your power away worrying what others will think
  • Engage difficult people in win-win solutions to resolve joint problems
Confidence When it Counts